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Holiday booking form and pay guide

Download the PDF version of this page.

You can request your holiday pay via the Allen Associates website.

As a reminder, you are entitled to 28 days’ paid holiday pro-rata each year (including 8 days for the bank holidays). This holiday must be taken within your holiday year, which runs for 12 months from the start date of your contract. We cannot pay you holiday pay unless you take a holiday, or finish working with us. Also, please note that Bank holidays not worked will not be paid unless you notify us that you wish to have it paid as part of your leave entitlement.

To claim paid leave, please complete the form below. Please ensure you give us notice (we suggest notice that is twice as long as your holiday period), and ensure your Manager has authorised the absence internally. Please do rest assured, that all holiday forms submitted in the old manner will still be paid.

  • If you are claiming holiday pay, please leave the hours blank on InTime – holiday pay is processed separately to the hours you work.
  • Also, if you are claiming holiday pay for a whole week, please remember to submit a blank timesheet to prevent us from chasing you on Monday!
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding this change moving forward.

Holiday request form

Request a holiday

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