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Temp registration pack

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Welcome to Allen Associates!

We are delighted to have you on board and look forward to a great working relationship based on trust, transparency and regular two-way communication.

Since 1998, we have grown to become one of Oxfordshire’s leading independent Recruitment Agencies. We attribute our success to the dedicated, hands-on role that our owner-managers Kate and Rob Allen play within the business together with our great team and total commitment to providing an unbeatable service to both candidates and clients.

We know the Oxfordshire jobs market better than most and we have excellent contacts with the region’s best employers. That’s because we have helped so many of them to hire the best people to fill their vacancies, from the smallest to the largest and across numerous industry sectors. We recruit for temporary and permanent roles in the following areas of business: Human Resources, Marketing, PA & Administration, and Finance. Our priority is to understand your career aspirations so that we can find the most suitable jobs and opportunities to match your ideal requirements.

Our commitment to quality and focus exclusively on the regional market, combined with our expertise gained over 20 years, are key to our success in consistently enabling us to offer you and your peers a service based on absolute integrity and professionalism.

Meet the Team

Our success depends on our ability to recruit and retain the highest calibre of staff. We’re proud to say that we have assembled a team who are second to none. Take a look at our website to discover who does what, the faces behind the names and to find out more about the people who will be helping you.

Our Clients

We work with a wide range of the most progressive businesses in Oxfordshire. From fast-growing start-ups and small to medium sized businesses to large-scale national and multi-national brands, we are proud to represent many of the most innovative businesses in the county in their recruitment projects. Take a look at the case studies on our website for examples of the kind of clients we work with.

About temporary work

When a suitable vacancy is registered, we immediately meet with the employer to obtain a detailed brief. The information we gather includes precise details of the skills and experience required for the role, an understanding of the working environment, whether an interview is needed and the timeframe for the role.

If we think your requirements, experiences and skills match those requested by the client, we will brief you fully about the role and the company itself before you begin the contract. This ensures that you have all you need to know to start your new role with the same confidence as someone who has worked there for some time, and that you know what to expect and equally what is expected of you.

The benefits of temporary work

When you register with Allen Associates, you will be assigned to one of our friendly Temporary Recruitment Consultants who will keep in touch with you on a regular basis. They each have extensive experience in helping people like you to find the right role with the right employers at the right time. So, you can be assured that those who are supporting you really are best placed to help you.

Temporary placements in a variety of work settings can add significant value to your CV. Not only do you gain extensive experience within your industry and with a wide variety of businesses, you also gain invaluable skills that employers really want. Working on a temporary basis also allows you to decide which type of position suits you best and can help you to achieve a good work/life balance.

As assignments vary massively in duration, temporary work offers you a flexible lifestyle than fits around other commitments. This means that if you want to work for a period and then travel, or are only able to work certain hours, there may be the flexibility to do this. We take as much care with our temporary applicants as we do with our permanent candidates, employing the same selection procedures and taking detailed job descriptions from our clients.

How temping can lead to permanent work

If you are available for work right now but are also looking for permanent work, temping can be the perfect way to get a foot in the door with your dream company and avoid what can sometimes be a lengthy interview process. So, if a new permanent role arises whilst you are temping in a particular company, you will be perfectly positioned to approach the hiring managers and show them why you are a strong contender for the position. This can put you at a distinct advantage over other candidates applying for the role because you will have that all-important knowledge and insight into the role and the company itself – you will know what they really want from the successful candidate. If you are exceeding expectations in a lower level position, you never know what you might be offered!

Your employment status

There are three types of employment: permanent, temporary and contract work. The key differentiator in a contract is your own ‘employment status’ with a client/employer.

Where you work for an organisation as a permanent member of staff (or work on a ‘fixed term contract’) you are paid in-house, via their payroll.

When you work through Allen Associates as a ‘temporary worker’, we are responsible for your payments and deal with all the essential administration, including National Insurance and Income Tax.

Your Rights

From the first day of your assignment, temporary workers are eligible for certain employment rights. You have the same rights as your permanent colleagues to use any shared facilities and services provided by your employer, for example:

  • A canteen or food and drinks machines.
  • A workplace crèche or mother and baby room.
  • Car parking or transport services, like a local pick-up service or transport between sites

After a 12-week qualifying period, you are entitled to the same basic rights, terms and conditions as someone employed permanently by the company. This is known as ‘equal treatment’ and includes:

  • The same pay as a permanent colleague doing the same job.
  • Automatic pension enrolment.
  • Basic pay, including paid annual leave, overtime and bonuses linked to your performance.

You can also get paid time off to go to ‘antenatal care’ if you can’t arrange it outside working hours. Antenatal care includes antenatal classes, appointments and parenting classes that have been recommended by a doctor or midwife.

Pay & Benefits

As a temporary worker, you are entitled to the following payment rights:

  • The National Minimum Wage
  • Paid holidays
  • Unpaid parental leave, with conditions
  • Freedom from discrimination under equality legislation
  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

At Allen Associates, we take pride in ensuring our temporary workers are paid fair and commercial hourly rates that are in line with their experience and the duties incumbent in the role.

Dos and Don’ts

If you accept a temporary assignment through us, you will effectively be working as an Allen Associates ambassador. Therefore, your commitment and attitude throughout the booking will be crucial.

Here are some pointers to ensure you impress the client at every stage of your temporary journey:

  • Don’t use the internet or work email for personal use.
  • Avoid standing around chatting – remember the client is paying for you by the hour!
  • Don’t make personal calls unless in an emergency – ask permission first
  • Switch off mobile phones
  • If you finish your work early, ask how else you can be of assistance
  • Be polite and helpful at all times
  • Before leaving ensure that your timesheet has been authorised
  • Take pride in your standard of work at all times