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Timesheet guide

Download the PDF version of this page here.

We use an electronic timesheet system with the aim of making sure our Temporary payroll processes are as efficient as possible.

This means that as a temporary worker you will enter your hours via this online portal, and when you have finished work for the week, you will submit them to your Manager, who will authorise them electronically.

Accessing InTime – Passwords and User Names
  • As soon as your Consultant at Allen Associates has placed you in your booking, you will be emailed the URL to InTime.
  • You will also be sent your username and password on separate emails, for security purposes. These have been randomly generated by InTime, and are sent to you directly (not via your Consultant).
  • Your password will contain a mix of numbers, letters and special characters.
The self-service portal

Once you have logged in, you will be able to submit timesheets and expenses, and will have access to the following functions:

  • All placement information including related contract documentation, information requests and AWR status
  • Your profile information, including the ability to update your personal information.
  • Reporting of historical placement data.
  • Viewing individual timesheet history.
Your homepage

Once you have logged in you will be presented with the main InTime homepage.

The navigation menu is located across the top of the page.

The menu bar options will include the following:

  • A multi square icon – taking you back to your homepage.
  • Timesheets – this provides access to new, draft and previously submitted timesheets, and a timesheet search function.
  • Expenses – which allows you to submit new and access historical expense claims.
  • Pay – provides ability to access invoices and credit notes.
  • Compliance – to facilitate information requests and submit documentation.
  • Profiles – this gives details of your placements and associated clients.

In the top right-hand corner of your screen you will see:

  • Your name – if you click on this, options will appear for you to:
    - Update your personal details.
    - Change password.
    - Exit InTime
  • Bell Symbol – Advises you of any notifications
  • Help – takes you to the on line documentation help bank
Your dashboard

As you scroll down your homepage, your personal dashboard will provide you with a real-time status of your current placement information, timesheets, expenses, and contract documentation that you can easily access directly from the dashboard.

Entering your timesheet

To begin, hover over Timesheets from the main menu bar at the top of the screen and select Create. You will then be prompted to select the placement from the drop-down box to enter time against, as well as the week ending date. You can use the provided calendar popup to help you select the correct date.

After selecting the period, you will be presented with a blank timesheet form.

Enter Hours/Units/Time as applicable for the period selected. The basic rate is selected by default here, so you can start entering your time for each of the days using the 24 hour format. The total hours (or hours claimed) is calculated automatically.

If you require additional rates, click on the green plus to add a shift and select the appropriate item from the additional rate drop down menu.
You can click on Save As Draft to store the timesheet which will allow you to return to this information to edit. Once you have completed your timesheet click on the Save And Submit button, your timesheet will be sent to your Manager for approval.

Please note: You will not be able to make any further edits once the timesheet has been submitted for approval.

Draft Timesheets

If you have created timesheets and saved them previously without submitting, you can still access them by selecting Drafts from the Timesheet menu, or from your dashboard. You will then be taken to the timesheet form described above.

Submitted Timesheets
  • If you need to check the status of your submitted timesheets, you can use your dashboard and see the status, or use the Unauthorised, Approved or Rejected options from the Timesheets menu.
  • By clicking the timesheet ID you can also see a detailed view of that timesheet.

Please note that you can only modify rejected timesheets!

Timesheets Statuses Explained

Please see below for explanations of each status:


Timesheets that should be received during a specified date range but have not yet been created.


Saved but not yet submitted. There are no draft expenses.


  • Created and submitted for approval.
  • Submitted timesheets and expenses cannot be modified so please ensure the details are correct before submitting.


Approved by your manager for payment.


  • Rejected by your manager. This is usually because of incorrect hours or expenses.
  • The manager may have provided a comment as to why the timesheet or expenses was rejected.
  • Once rejected, the timesheet becomes a draft for editing and resubmitting.
  • Expenses can be edited via the expenses Rejected menu option.
Entering your Expenses
  • If your Manager has confirmed you are eligible for expenses, please make us aware, so that we can discuss the process with them.
  • Once this has been confirmed, you can claim these through InTime.
  • To do this, please go to the expenses menu at the top of the screen and press create.
  • You will then be prompted to select the client and placement you wish to claim against.
  • You will now be presented with a blank expense claim form – see the screenshot.
  • Select the correct type of expense and description from the provided dropdowns.
  • Once you have filled in all the required fields click save.
  • You will then get a summary of your expenses.
  • Once you have finished your claim, click Submit.
How to Claim Holiday

If you would like to claim holiday pay for time off, then you will need to complete a Holiday Pay Request Form. These can be found on our website. Please note, you can only claim holiday pay if you have accrued it. Please see your payslip for the amount of holiday pay you have remaining.

Once this form has been signed by your manager for approval, you will need to email it over to

Holiday pay is paid to you a week in arrears, just as though you had worked the hours.

If you are claiming holiday pay, please add this as a comment on your e-timesheet for the appropriate day/ week on InTime.

You will need to submit your timesheet as usual, simply with zero hours entered accordingly (on the relevant days).


When you are first placed in your booking, the client will have provided us with the best person to authorise your weekly timesheet.

However, there may be occasions when your Manager is away, or off sick.

In this event, we need to know if there is a second person who has the permission to authorise your hours. Please keep us updated about this!


  • Once you have submitted your hours, your manager have two days to approve/reject the request.
  • If it isn’t approved within 2 working days, the system will assume there is an error, and the timesheet will revert to draft status.
  • You will then need to resubmit the timesheet via the usual method.

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