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It’s a good question and one we are asked a lot.

It’s a good question and one we are asked a lot.

If you’ve worked with us before you will already know the answer. If not, well, it’s because we’re experienced experts with a massive database of assessed and available Candidates, a dedicated presence in the recruitment arena to attract and source Candidates, the expertise to match Candidates to roles and; it’s our day job not a time-consuming addition to our day job.

And; it’s a matter of understanding.

Getting to know you

We'd like to understand how we can help you with your recruitment, get in touch and let us get to know you.

We understand that finding the best talent is getting harder for Employers.


With demand for top talent increasing and the pool of available talent getting smaller, finding the people you need for your business is imperative.

We also understand that hiring the best talent isn’t just about how capable they may be, what’s also important to you is how well Candidates fit with your team, culture and customers.

And we understand that if you have never used a Recruitment Agency before then you may be wondering if doing so is a worthwhile investment, but doing it yourself is not a zero cost option and there is a cost to your business of not finding the right person or… finding the wrong one.

The more efficiently you meet your staffing requirements the better position you are in to meet your business aims.  Contacting us as soon as you have a requirement doesn’t commit you but does increase your options.

Why choose Allen Associates?

There are a number of Recruitment Agencies in the South East for you to choose from, most of which would jump at the chance to work with you. Knowing which Agency is right for you can be a difficult decision to make – especially with so much at stake.

But we stand out.

Our Clients tell us that one of the best things about working with Allen Associates is our sense of partnership and our ability to interpret their brief and identify the right people for the job. 

Unlike many of our competitors, we conduct face-to-face interviews with every Candidate we register. We interview them as you would but with the added benefit of our extensive experience as this is our core business.  We get to know them, their history, their motivations, career aspirations and strengths and weaknesses too.  Without this in-depth information, matching jobseekers to jobs is guesswork.

The More the Merrier

Our Candidates

Our rigorous screening process ensures that only the best and most suitable talent, with the greatest potential to fulfil your exact requirements, is presented to you. Using a combination of a technologically advanced CRM system with traditional methods and the personal knowledge and experience that our Consultants have, guarantees that we will present a manageable shortlist of only the best Candidates to you.  This, we believe, is the only way to effectively match the right people to the right roles; it’s about quality over quantity and an approach that has been successful for over 20 years.

It is this that has helped to firmly establish us as a leading independent Recruitment Agency in Oxfordshire and London and a key reason why we have continued to build long-term relationships with our Clients that enable us to add the most value now and in the future.

Delivering outstanding service

We started with the express intention of providing Employers with an unbeatable standard of service - just as we would want for ourselves. It is integral to all that we are and do and means always being open and honest, sharing market knowledge and offering expert advice when it matters.

The Recruitment process should be as pain-free as possible, and with us, it is. Our team - your team – has been trained and developed to the highest standards and will exceed your expectations of what we can do for you both from a service perspective and in terms of securing the right person for the right role.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with your team, they took a difficult brief and managed to find an excellent candidate. As I am sure you are aware we had the vacancy with three agencies and your team by far excelled in terms of service and speed, so I was very pleased to be able to make the appointment with you.”

Sarah Westmorland, Director of People, Resourcing & Ops & Deputy CEO, Helen and Douglas House

“I’ve really appreciated the support on a recent recruitment. By taking the time to listen to not only what I did want but, probably most importantly, what I didn’t want, Constance was able to come up with a really creative solution to a recruitment challenge I was facing. Her ability to actively listen, be pragmatic as well as tenaciously holding onto the solution meant that she provided a genuinely added value service that worked in partnership with me is rare to find when using agencies. Thank you.”

Jodie Ashworth, Head of HR – Talent Management, The Orders of St John Care Trust

“I would like to thank Allen Associates for the very efficient and effective service you provided. You were able to provide two excellent candidates and your ongoing monitoring of our needs was much appreciated. We would have no hesitation in contacting you again if we need to recruit in the future. Thank you once again for your help and support at a challenging time for the school, I will be recommending Allen Associates to other schools who may find themselves in a similar situation to Northfield.”

Mary Whitlock, Chair of Governors, Northfield School, Oxford

“A thorough grasp of the culture and direction of the business has enabled you to secure another strong match for the department.”

Mark Crampton-Smith, College and County

Our Advice Centre

Our team of recruitment experts produce weekly content to shine a light on the latest news and trending topics for employers looking to recruit or candidates needing help and advice within the industry.

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