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Our Recruitment Process

Oxfordshire is a hotbed of opportunity and with more and more new businesses starting up, expanding and moving into the region, competition between Employers to attract the talent they need is increasing all the time. In London, the demand is just as robust. Regardless of whether a Candidate is a Temporary or Permanent worker, our interviews are equally in depth, and we take time to best match the skills of the Candidate, with the exact needs of the Client.

How we work

That's where Allen Associates can help.

That's where Allen Associates can help.

We understand how important effective Recruitment is to the success of your business, and that finding the best possible people when you need them is imperative. Of course, it isn’t just about their ability to do the job in hand - how well they will fit with your team, culture and customers is equally important. But we make it much easier for you.

Our 10 Step Recruitment Process

We have, over the years, developed a 10-step Recruitment process that provides each and every Client with the assurance that we only present them with the best and most suitable talent based on their exact requirements:

  1. You contact us regarding a vacancy
  2. We visit your offices to discuss the role and agree a job description
  3. We conduct a detailed database search and advertise for suitable Candidates
  4. All applicants are reviewed by Allen Associates and short-listed
  5. Written reports, CVs and covering letters for short-listed Candidates are sent to you for discussion and approval
  6. Candidates selected for interview
  7. All interviews arranged and booked for you
  8. Feedback received from interviewer and discussed with the Candidates
  9. Job Offer made and all terms negotiated and confirmed
  10. References forwarded for approval

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We have been successfully connecting the right people with the right businesses for over 20 years and are excited to open a brand-new office in the heart of Chiswick, London.

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