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Employee Engagement Tips That Work

Richard Roberts, Consultant, Speaker and part-time People Director at Pure Planet

Having an engaged workforce has always been a key driver of business success. With so many people now working from home, coming in and out of furlough and being affected by unprecedented levels of change, bringing people together has never been more challenging – and important to the survival of company culture.

While I may not be able to tell you what the next raft of Government guidance for employers will look like or how the pandemic will affect staff in the longer term, I can offer employee engagement tips that I know are making a tangible difference to the businesses I work with.

Here are 5 things for leaders and line managers to reflect on:

  1. In worrying times, clear leadership can be a huge support and boost employee engagement levels. People need a sense of direction, understanding and reassurance to counter uncertainty. So communicate more regularly, clearly and authentically than ever before.
  2. Many people are feeling an increased state of anxiety - whether they return to the workplace or remain remote based. Line managers need to be particularly understanding and sensitive to those around them.
  3. People working remotely (as many want to remain) tend to respond better to a coaching / guiding style that offers the support they need. In my experience people respond well to trust - it boosts confidence and productivity.
  4. Your people are all different and the success of how you manage and inspire them depends on how well you know who you are managing. You can help by simply asking how they are.
  5. This year your people just want to know that you care. Let them know - and they’ll take care of the rest.

About Richard Roberts

Rich Roberts is an employee engagement and leadership specialist and part-time People Director at Pure Planet. He also runs employee engagement consultancy en:Rich HR. He is passionate about building highly motivated and productive teams in both start-ups and larger organisations. Contact him at

Rich recently gave a hugely informative presentation to HR decision-makers at one of Allen Associates Zoom HR Hubs. You can read his more in-depth blog on employee engagement here.

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