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The benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency for your temporary staffing needs

Temporary workers have always been a popular choice for UK employers for numerous reasons – but never more so than in recent years as a result of recruitment challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit, skills shortages, and a depleted talent pool.

Demand for temporary staff at all levels has escalated since 2020 and although demand has softened across the UK in 2023, it is still significantly higher than it was before the pandemic. In Oxfordshire, where there are very low levels of unemployment and competition for the best people remains fierce, demand is well above the national average and overall, the temporary market is continuing to expand, albeit at a slower pace.

The stagnating UK economy, high levels of inflation and ever-spiralling costs has made employers cautious and this is often reflected in lengthier decision-making processes and a more measured approach to risk. This spills over into recruitment with even the most successful and ambitious organisations, often turning to temporary staffing solutions.

Why do employers take on temporary workers?

There are many reasons why temporary workers at all levels provide an excellent solution to employers in uncertain times. Here are a few:


Temporary workers provide the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to adjust and manage your workforce to suit your needs at any given time. Temps can be taken on at short notice to cover staff absences, seasonal demands, special projects, leadership requirements or a permanent role that is proving tricky to fill. This allows you to adapt quickly to changing circumstances without committing to long-term employment contracts and obligations.

Cost savings:

Hiring temporary workers is a cost-effective option, particularly if you partner with a specialist temp recruitment agency such as Allen Associates, who will find the right candidates for you quickly and effectively – and take care of the paperwork! Temps are typically paid an hourly rate for their services, which may be lower than the costs associated with hiring permanent employees, when you factor in salaries, benefits, and training expenses.

Trial period:

If you’re thinking of making a longer-term commitment and hoping the temp role will lead to a permanent one, this is an ideal way to ‘try before you buy’ and assess their skills, work ethic, and cultural fit, in a practical way and as part of your decision-making process. Equally, it allows the candidate to assess the role, team dynamics and working environment so they too can make an informed decision if the opportunity arises to join you on a more permanent basis. This helps to avoid expensive hiring mistakes and can make for a more efficient and rewarding recruitment experience.

Specialist skills:

Temporary workers often possess specialist skills or expertise that may be lacking within your organisation and required for specific projects or assignments. You can tap into this talent pool to access niche skills or leadership credentials without having to invest in training or hiring permanent employees with those capabilities. This can be an ideal way for knowledge-intensive organisations and technical business to address their resourcing needs and fulfil their potential, without the long term commitment.

Increased productivity:

Temporary workers can help boost productivity during peak periods when additional hands are needed. They can absorb extra workloads, support existing employees or work autonomously at a more senior level, enabling the rest of the team to focus on their responsibilities and managers to progress their strategic objectives. When temporary workers join a team, they often reinvigorate it, and we often hear reports of more established colleagues stepping up and rising to new challenges as a result.

Fresh perspectives:

Temporary workers bring fresh perspectives and experiences from working in different organisations and sectors. Their insights can bolster creativity, innovation and problem-solving. They often bring new ideas to the table and alternative ways of working, ultimately contributing to a more diverse and inclusive working environment.

Benefits of using a recruitment agency when hiring temporary workers

Most employers interested in hiring temporary workers will use a recruitment agency, such as Allen Associates, and instruct them to take on all aspects of the process, including the administration.

This typically includes selecting, shortlisting and supplying suitable candidates, and managing their payroll and benefits.

As with all staffing, you will need to comply with the relevant employment laws and regulations when hiring temporary workers, including adhering to fair employment practices, providing a safe working environment, and ensuring proper payment and benefits entitlements.

If you choose Allen Associates as your recruitment agency partner, you can be assured that we will provide you with an exceptionally high level of service. We will advise and support you every step of the way, taking on the administrative burden and leaving you free to focus on business as usual.

Meet Allen Associates’ temporary recruitment division

Established in Oxford in 1998, Allen Associates has a proven track record in attracting and matching the best temporary and permanent candidates to roles at all levels across PA and Administration, Marketing, HR and Finance.

Our thriving temps division comprises a team of dedicated recruiters led by Hannah Bush, who has been part of our business for over a decade and has an in-depth understanding of the temps market in Oxford and Oxfordshire.

We have the most extensive and up-to-date database of candidates looking for temporary work, interim roles and short-term contracts in Oxford and Oxfordshire. Many of our candidates are ‘career temps’ who love the variety and lifestyle that temping can offer, while others are looking for interim opportunities for any number of reasons.

We apply the same rigorous screening processes to our temps as we do to our permanent candidates, so you can rest assured that every temp we register on our database has been interviewed and pre-screened by us. This enables us to quickly and effectively match the right people to your roles. We also advertise widely using all the major job boards and other digital marketing channels as required.

To find out more, please visit our Temp Zone or get in touch with us and register your temporary vacancy, and we will get back to you promptly.

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