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Employment law updates

It can be a real headache keeping up with new case law and ongoing changes to employment rules and regulations. We have partnered with lawyers at RWK Goodman (formerly Royds Withy King) to bring you regular updates, blogs and Q&As which we hope will be useful.


Report: Employment Law Update by RWK Goodman - December 2023

This Employment Law Update was compiled by RWK Goodman for Allen Associates HR Hub and explains the New Employment Rights due to come into effect on 1 January 2024 as well as the implications of recent cases and tribunal rulings.

Report: Employment Law Update by RWK Goodman - December 2023
Legal Q&A

Right to work checks – your questions answered

Employment lawyers Kate Benefer and Malcolm Gregory provided a hugely informative Employment Law Update at our Zoom HR Hub in September. Here they answer a few of the questions asked by delegates in relation to right to work checks.

Vaccinations and other questions

Can employers force workers to be vaccinated? What if they don’t want to? And what happens if an employee refuses to have the vaccine and goes on to infect a colleague with Covid-19?

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