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Our reputation as a leading provider of Temporary Workers is unsurpassed. Although the very nature of the role means that your Temporary Worker will only be with you for a brief period of time, they leave a lasting impression.

Not just a stop gap solution

To ensure that impression is a positive one, our Temporary Workers all undertake the same rigorous selection procedure as our Permanent Candidates. This guarantees that you will only get a quality Candidate with every hire.


More than 8 out of 10 Employers who we surveyed depend on Temporary Workers, whether to plug a shortfall in their existing staffing levels, for additional support or to cover period of absences.  We have provided Employers of all sizes, throughout the region, with the Temporary staff that they need, when they need them, across a range of roles from Secretarial and Administration to Marketing, Finance and HR.

Typical roles include:

  • Secretarial
  • PA
  • Administrative
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Finance

Turn down the volume

At Allen Associates we understand it’s about quality not volume. We get to know you and your business properly so when we send you a candidate they’ll be the best possible fit.

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